Pilates on the Pole® is the perfect fitness workout for challenging the body and it is the hottest fitness trend today. Being a fusion of many elements through the movements, a form of self expression empowers you.  As a cardiovascular exercise, pole dancing increases the heart rate to a healthy level.  Lean muscles develop and over time stamina is improved.  Most importantly, it is fun. Recently, pole dancing has caught on as a new and increasingly popular form of exercise, in which women (and some men) use the pole as a workout prop.  This form of exercise increases upper body strength by using the body itself as resistance while toning the body as a whole.Our classes are small compared to others in the area.  Our program includes intense study and performance.  Our curriculum is devoted to learning and working on the pole during the whole session. We teach SAFETYAWARENESS and ALIGNMENT first and if the client has the strength for weight bearing work, they can move on to a more challenging class.  A body/mind connection is required and that is why we call it PILATES ON THE POLE®! Pilates on the Pole combines coordination, confidence, flexibility, concentration, athleticism, skill, dexterity, grace, femininity, along with gymnastic strength and sensuality.